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BrewMaster Freestanding Starter Pack


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Includes a BrewMaster Freestanding unit and a Sundry Accessory Pack. A Co2 cylinder bottle is required (which is included in the BrewMaster Freestanding Complete Pack).

It is the world’s smallest microbrewery which produces 23 litres of cold, clear, perfectly carbonated, professional quality beer and cider in 4-7 days.

The BrewMaster has carbonation and clarification control, like our newer BrewKeg products, however it has the extra benefit of total temperature control at the touch of a button. Watch our instructional video to see how you can be crafting your own brews in 30 minutes or less.

Once your brew is ready you can either consume it directly out of the BrewMaster, bottle it using our counter-pressure bottle filler, or keg it into Cornelius kegs and consume draft beer out of a kegerator. Or do all three!

We have 13 base beer kits and 1 apple cider. These kits match 14 specific beverage styles within an official US list known as the BJCP Style Guidelines. However, on top of that we provide recipes so you can add additional hops, malts and grains to create unique beer and ciders that you want to consume and drink with friends.

There are unlimited creative possibilities for brewing all sorts of craft brews and beverages in a BrewMaster and we open that door for you. After a while, you become a BrewMaster.

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North Island (non rural) 1-2 days

South Island (non rural) 2-3 days

Rural + 2 days


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